It’s Fashion’s Time in the Green Revolution

Before we talk about fashion; first, food. The food industry isn’t perfect. There are plenty of problems with ethical manufacturing and the safe and humane growing of plants and agriculture. But compared to fashion, the food industry looks downright saintly.

The sustainable food movement began in the 1980’s leading us to today where everyone has heard the phrase “Farm to Table” and even mainstream grocers sell organic tomatoes. Our industrialized world has more organic and healthy food options available than ever before.

But in 2018, where is our sustainable fashion industry? Why is it so unclear where to find sustainable (and stylish) clothes?

In 2015, after seeing Andrew Morgan’s the True Cost documentary my focus shifted to sustainable fashion when it became undeniable that the fashion industry was taking a painful toll on the natural resources and people that make our clothes. “It doesn’t have to be this way!” I wagered and started investigating where to find brands making beautiful, ethical clothes.

It turns out, there are dozens of amazing brands making sustainable clothes. But where does one find said clothes? And what does sustainability in fashion even mean? It’s not easy. Some brands overstate how green their practices are while some brands don’t feel confident admitting how eco-friendly they are for fear of alienating their customer.

There are a lot of expectations, hopes and dreams pinned on what we wear and now with the added ideal of trying to be sustainable there’s a temptation to give up hope and hit the mall.

I implore you to resist.

The journey to find clothes in line with your ethics and aesthetics doesn’t have to be hard.

Here’s to Fixing Fashion.


Michelle Brea Blanco

Founder, Brea Box

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