Hi. We’re Brea Box, a sustainable fashion subscription company that delivers hip, ethical clothes to stylish women.

There are TONS of companies making great ethical clothes out there, but it’s time consuming and complicated for most people to hunt down and shop for these brands.

Our mission is to connect sustainable designers with ethical shoppers and help them find amazing pieces that they otherwise wouldn't have discovered.

The fashion industry is changing dramatically. People have learned that the supply chain is toxic. Our landfills are filling up with textile waste and people are asking for a better way of buying clothes.

So that’s why we go to the trouble of researching, vetting and hand-picking great pieces from awesome brands.  Shopping isn’t easy for most people and adding sustainability as a requirement makes it even harder. So that’s why we started Brea Box, to streamline this process and give people amazing options when shopping for clothes.

If you’ve read up to this point, we know you care about this problem.

Welcome friend. Let’s fix fashion.


The Team at Brea Box