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The notion of Brea Box started in 2015 after a Harvard University screening of the True Cost documentary.

En route to NYC to begin her career as a wardrobe stylist, Michelle dropped in on a screening and panel discussion of the documentary that would alter her views on fashion forever.

In the summer of 2018, Michelle and her friend Sadie were rock climbing when Sadie mentioned she was making a magazine for a school project, Michelle jumped at the chance to style an editorial Sadie's student 'zine and quickly discovered their shared aesthetic & began branding Brea Box.

Erin and Michelle have been best friends since the age of 15. As teens in Ohio, they roved the thrift stores, eventually designing and styling a sustainable fashion show for charity.

Coming full circle to January 2019. Brea Box was underway with orders in queue and clothes all over Michelle’s San Francisco apartment. Erin was visiting Michelle and upon seeing the tornado of clothes swooped in with her organizational genius. With her brilliance in managing inventory and ops, Brea Box was born.

Welcome to the family.


The Team at Brea Box