Hi. I’m Michelle, fashion stylist, environmental activist and founder of Brea Box. 

I was always the kid sitting on the floor of the drugstore reading every fashion magazine while my Mom shopped. 

In 2015, I quit my job and moved to New York City to follow my dream of becoming a fashion stylist. With no connections or friends in the city, I showed up and declared myself a fashion assistant, hustling for jobs on shoots for fashion photography. I schlepped duffle bags up and down the subway stairs, ran all over the city looking for the perfect rainbow hula hoops and worked 14 hour days with 5AM call times. It was an intense time, but I didn't care. Every moment on a photo shoot or preparing for one felt golden to me. 

In those early months, I attended every meet up event I could and found myself at The True Cost documentary at the Harvard Extension Environmental Club. I wasn’t knowledgable about sustainability at the time, but had always felt something was wrong with the industry. 

I learned that across brands, the way clothes are made is pretty scary. Workers receive low pay, have harsh or unsafe working conditions, fabrics are made with polyester (which doesn’t biodegrade) and is treated with toxic chemicals.

In January of 2019, Brea Box was launched. After several years of trying to learn how I could help fix the problems with the industry rather than perpetuate them, I realized people needed help finding cool AND sustainable clothes.  

We curate monthly outfits from brands that manage to care about the environment and make clothes that are hella chic. This is what we need, not (just) mumus made of hemp. We need brands that make clothes that are cool AND sustainable. 

Let's save fashion from ruining the planet. We can’t stop wearing clothes, so let's wear better ones. 


Michelle Brea Blanco

Founder & CEO 

Brea Box