Do I have to pay for the clothes in my box?

Yes! All the clothes in the box must be paid for if you would like to keep them. If you return your box within the 7 day trial period, we will charge you for the clothes you want to keep. If you don't return your clothes within the 7 day trial period, you will be charged automatically for all the items in the box. 

What type of clothes are in the box?

You'll receive a full head-to-toe outfit including shoes and accessories. You can specify if you prefer dressier or more casual or if you prefer skirts and dresses over pants and tops. We customize it to your needs. We blend styles that meet your preferences and price range chosen from the brands we love to come up with the perfect synthesis of your "look".  

How much are the items in my box? 

Pieces in your box will range from $50-$300 on average per item. The reason for this is that sustainable fashion simply costs more. To pay for safe labor conditions, a living wage for laborers and sewers, non-toxic dyes and materials is usually more expensive. We do our very best to give you a range of price points within your box to give you options, but please know that the current prices on mainstream fashion are dangerously low. When you see a brand-new t-shirt or a pair of jeans for under $20 this should be a cause for concern.

Do I have to subscribe? 

No! You don't have to subscribe. You can cancel or restart your subscription whenever you'd like. If you subscribe we'll check in with you via email or text each month to see what pieces you need in each new box 

I ordered a box. When will I get it?

You'll receive your box 2-3 weeks after you place your order. 

What does it mean to Pre-Order my box?

If you sign up to pre-order your box we’ll keep in touch about the release date and fulfillment of your box. We expect to fulfill our pre-orders within 6 to 8 weeks.

How long do I have to try on the clothes once I receive it in the mail?

You have 7 days to return your box from the day you receive it. If you don't send the box back by the 7-day mark, you'll be automatically charged for all the items in your box. If you need more than seven days, please email us and let us know in advance. 

How do I pay for the items in the box I decide to keep? 

Your payment source on file will be automatically charged for the items you keep. We'll charge your payment method once we process your returned box. You'll receive your emailed receipt once we process your payment.

What if the items I want to buy are the wrong size?

We will gladly exchange sizes for you and mail out the new size free of charge. If exchanged items are vintage or second-hand we will look for a similar style in your size. 

Where does the name Brea Box come from? 

The name Brea is a family name and Michelle's middle name. It means "tar" in Spanish, but was also the maiden name of her amazing, fashion-loving Spanish grandmother, Tess. This brand is dedicated not only to fashion-lovers like Nana Tess but to strong, sassy women (and men) with a lot of love to give to the world. The name Brea also feels like the name of an ephemeral, Euro/California, cool girl. She's us, she's you and we like to think about her as we style you! 

Do you style men's boxes too?

Yes! We do! We've branched into styling men's boxes recently and want to make sure the menfolk are being served sustainable fashion as well. Product for men's fashion is less available but we love to hunt down cool sustainable clothes for our male and male-identifying clients.

Do you style plus size boxes too? 

Yes! We do! We've discovered sustainable brands that include sizing up to size 4X/26.